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Our Mission

In our recovery homes, we cultivate a nurturing environment that champions personal growth and recovery. Our mission is rooted in providing a safe and supportive space for our residents as they navigate their unique journeys. We are committed to encouraging personal responsibility, accountability, and the building of positive, enriching relationships. Our steadfast support empowers residents to envision and work towards a future that is in harmony with their recovery goals.


Join Us

Click below if you're interested in joining the family! There will be the ability to download and email the application directly to us, or fill out the application right through the website!


Meet us

The Reverence House staff are dedicated to providing a safe and structured environment for all residents. Adam worked clinically in the recovery field and is experienced at meeting individuals where they're at. All residents will be provided with constant guidance and support throughout their journey with us. To learn more about the staff, click the button below!  


Contact Us

Feel free to reach out directly to Adam with any questions you may have. There will be times when our beds will be full, but we can still help connect you to the necessary resources for whatever level of treatment you may need. We are available by email, call, and text. We look forward to meeting you!


The director of Reverence House is a member of NHCORR and prides himself on the standards of the recovery home. Reverence House is blessed to be the FIRST EVER certified recovery home in New Hampshire. Both of the Reverence House locations are certified.  If you have any questions or curiosities about NHCORR and their affiliation with NARR, click on the picture below!

The Reverence house is committed to creating a healthy, safe, and stigma free
environment. With our enrollment in Recovery-Friendly Workplace, and being
connected to so many other resources, we hope to work towards positive change
and to support those who are impacted by addiction. We encourage everyone
involved to reach out for help and support.

The area is surrounded by numerous lakes and mountains which allow for year round recreational activities to include skiing, hiking, kayaking, bicycling and countless others. Gunstock Mountain Resort, Meadowbrook music venue and Lake Winnipesaukee are just a short drive from the property. Reverence House is also just a short walk from local churches that offer wonderful AA meetings and fellowship.

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Sunset Kayak

Frequently Asked Questions:


Reverence House proudly utilizes Sobriety Hub for all background operations, including secure record-keeping for individual residents, analysis of house data, resident notes, rental payment systems, and other essential functions that are ideal for running safe and structured recovery homes. 

More questions?

We understand there are many questions involved with this process! Feel free to reach out to us directly by clicking the preferred icon below and we will be happy to address any and all questions or concerns. Thank you!

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