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Reverence House is located in the central part of New Hampshire in an area known as the Lakes Region. The area is surrounded by numerous lakes and mountains which allow for year round recreational activities to include skiing, hiking, kayaking, bicycling and countless others. Gunstock Mountain Resort, Meadowbrook music venue and Lake Winnipesaukee are just a short drive from the property. Reverence House is also just a short walk from local churches that offer wonderful AA meetings and fellowship.

The Reverence house is committed to creating a healthy, safe, and stigma free
enviornment. With our enrollment in Recovery-Friendly Workplace and being
connected to so many other resources, we hope to work towards positive change
and to support those who are impacted by addiction. We encourage everyone
involved to reach out for help and support.

The director of Reverence House is a member of NHCORR and prides himself on the standards of the recovery home. Reverence House is blessed to be the first ever certified recovery home in New Hampshire. If you have any questions or curiosities about NHCORR and the affiliation with NARR, visit the NHCORR website to answer any questions you may have.